After many years of leadership as global executive and outcomes scientist, Patrick Marquis decided to launch a new consultancy to address a market need: the patient-centered development and commercialization of medical products.  It seems a paradox but the patient experience and values can be better captured and integrated in the decisions leading to the success of medical products!

TwoLegs Consulting is a unique agency :

Independence: The agency strategy is only driven by the clients’ needs and the environment.  The business priorities are not dictated by investors requesting to meet short term financial targets.  What motivates TwoLegs Consulting’s recommendations is the pride that comes with helping clients achieve their goals.

Client focused energy:  Client issues are complex; they require attention and above all energy.  TwoLegs Consulting concentrates its energy on providing clients with actionable solutions and driving their implementation internally and externally.

Senior availability:  TwoLegs Consulting is challenging the order of things by breaking the common rules in play in most agencies:  At TwoLegs Consulting, the more senior you are the more available you are to clients.

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