Biosketch Patrick Marquis

Patrick Marquis, MD, MBA, is the President and Founder of TwoLegs Consulting, a new agency focusing on Patient-Centered drug development and access.

Patrick led the international development of Mapi Values for 12 years from its early inception to becoming a successful global HEOR consultancy with an international team of 130 consultants and researchers in five offices: US, Japan, UK, Netherlands and France.

As a strategic leader, Patrick is a strong believer in the founding principle of Value-Based Medicine: decisions stand on two feet, the values as well as the facts.  This principle is broadly used beyond clinical practice in every healthcare decision. As a senior manager, Patrick is an advocate of a humanistic leadership, which attends to local needs and values, and where the people are the end rather than the mean.

Patrick has advised many sponsors on their endpoint strategy and regulatory submissions for both the FDA and the EMA. Patrick has been honored with a governmental Challenge Coin given by the FDA in recognition of his engagement and contribution as a measurement scientist to improve endpoints for evaluating treatment benefits.

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