Why TwoLegs?

‘La raison d’être’ of TwoLegs Consulting is to change the paradigm by putting the patient at the center of the development and commercialization of medical products.  Challenging the current modus operandi started by choosing a name breaking with tradition. The metaphor conveys paired concepts reflecting a mindful strategic positioning:

Patients & Payers: They are the two forces one should concentrate on.  Understanding the patient experience and generating relevant patient-centered outcomes are essential to establish benefit.  Understanding the payer perspective and displaying the ‘right’ data to show clinical value is equally important.

Evidence & Value: In value-based medicine, decisions stand on two feet: the value and the facts.  This principle is broadly used beyond clinical practice.  Internal stakeholders, regulatory agencies, and payers incorporate values to make effective decisions, i.e., the evidence should come with ‘and-so-what’.

Science & Strategic Leadership: Scientific rigor is necessary but not sufficient to succeed.   Strategic leadership, bringing vision, perspective and addressing the key issues makes the difference. It engages teams, reviewers and decision makers. Technical documents alone rarely do that.

US & EU: TwoLegs Consulting has bicultural competences. Its founder has spent half of his career in Europe and half in the US in a global position. TwoLegs Consulting brings a unique insight into both markets and a specific mind-set to work successfully with teams across the US and Europe.  The main office is in Boston, Massachusetts, with a ‘pied-à-terre’ in France, close to Lyon.

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